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Below are just some of my verified amazon reviews.


If you like what you see below then why not head over to my books page where you will find links to both my UK and USA Amazon profile pages where you can purchase them. Please remember to leave a review when you have finished reading if you like it. Reviews are what turn indie authors into professional authors. Which mean more books written for your further enjoyment. Thanks in advance!



"DEMONS WALK AMONG US is a fun, fast-based action adventure with horror elements and some very nice twists and turns. Steen has a solid grasp of action and I think we can expect great things. Good job!"

Live Amazon review from reader: NY Times Bestseller Jonathan Maberry


"Mark Steen has outdone himself on terror scales. A dark horror novel. Unsettling death scenes from hands of demons. Mark Steen has outdone himself on terror scales. A must read for visceral horror fans.
One word of warning, READ FINE PRINT!!!!"

Live Amazon review from reader: BAF


"I consider myself a horror fanatic and after reading the first chapter I was hooked! Steen was nonrestrictive throughout his narration and his characters were well depicted. My only wish is that I had time to finish the book sooner! I'm looking forward to reading Steen's other books which, of course, I've already purchased"

Live Amazon review from reader: Jennifer Pike


"Another cracking novel from Mr Steen, his writing style is reminiscent of James Herbert. This is an engaging and gruesome novel that slowly reels you in and doesn't let go. Some moments in this story are truly eye-watering. Highly recommended to any horror fan. I think Mr. Steen has a great writing career ahead of him."

Live Amazon review from reader: Brian O'Gorman


"I love reading horror books and this one takes you to a place you do not want to be in real life. The book is so well written you are actually there with the characters. You want to carry on reading at the end of each chapter. Mr Steen has done a fantastic job with this book, it is well worth a read but be prepared to not be able to put the book down."

Live Amazon review from reader: Jo B


"The horror is pretty gruesome but this is a totally believable story that leaves you wondering, what if? Loved it. This book keeps you reading. A horror that starts off with totally believable characters and takes you through their everyday lives and all the emotion that comes with it until the supernatural arrives and then the madness that comes with that."

Live Amazon review from reader: Rita Hyland


"A really enjoyable read - good plot, good characters, and genuinely scary in places, with no gory details spared! Great horror story, once you start reading, you don't want to put down!"

Live Amazon review from reader: Nicki Hindley


"A must read for any horror fan. Absolutely loved it! I was completely hooked from the start. The characters and settings were described in such detail, I was able to relate completely to both. For me, this made the whole experience all the more real, and all the more unsettling. I thought I had a good idea how this was going to finish, but there was more than one great twist towards the end (one which completely threw me, and I've never encountered before, but I won't spoil that here)."

Live Amazon review from reader: Angela M


"Definitely recommend this. lots of twists and turns that keep the reader engaged. The characters had depth and the plot was well thought out. liked his first book, loved this one!"

Live Amazon review from reader: mr matthew j sidford


"I love books about demons and this book brought a who different meaning to possession. I definitely recommended this book to others."

Live Amazon review from reader: Bonnie Racki


"I think the author did a great job with this twisted tale of good, evil and the demons that walk among us in the form of a stranger."

Live Amazon review from reader: P.S. Winnr


"I read Mark Steen's novel, "Bellmere Common" and his short story, "Voodoo Assassin". I enjoyed both of those and gave each 5 stars. With that, I became a fan. "Demons Walk Among Us" is also worthy of 5 stars. This book kept me enthralled from beginning to end. Plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested."

Live Amazon review from reader: Paul C


"Once started this was hard to put down, fab read and plot was very good. One minute you giggle the next pause with detail of the event's. Trying not to give spoilers lol. Will defiantly be buying more titles from Steen."

Live Amazon review from reader: Kay


"Awesome Read!!! Excellent book for horror readers. Great story-line and characters."

Live Amazon review from reader: King Fan

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